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    Ironworking, even not finding favor as in past, is one of the handcrafts still surviving in city centrum and Kemaliye district. And handmade knockers, one of the important products of ironworking, are produced in Kemaliye.

    Erzincan Copper Manufacturing and Hand Workmanship

    Erzincan copperworking is one of the important traditional hand workmanships still surviving today. Forged copperworking, once a common job, has transformed into copper hand workmanship today. Samovars, trays, baubles, dishes, spoons, sugar bowls, cups, vases etc. are manufactured with this hand workmanship.

    Erzincan Copper Manufacturing and Hand Workmanship is geographically registered.

    Carpet Weaving

    Erzincan’da Carpet weaving is a business in Erzincan especially performed in Kemaliye district. Even manufacturing lessens, Eğin Carpets known with Kemaliye Carpets worldwide get attention domestic and abroad.

    Erzincan Hot Spring, Horhor Healing Pool

    The hot spring near Ekşisu is 33 degrees centigrade. Hot spring water, being used as a water bath, heals dermal, rheumatic diseases, arteriosclerosis and cardiac diseases. Hot spring serves with 12 indoor pools. The water near Ekşisu spring comes from 601 meters deep. This water, including sodium, magnesium, calcium hydro-carbonate and ions, is used in treatment of many disease.