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    Girlevik Waterfall

    Girlevik Waterfall (Girlevik Şelalesi) is 35 km away from Erzincan centrum and located in Girlevik Village within Çağlayan Town. The Waterfall is the most popular recreation location of Erzincan with its natural beauties, flora, trees, cool weather and resting areas. Especially during spring, glooming daisies, colorful fuchsia and other many different plants present a visual feast around the waterfall. And during winter, waterfall is frozen due to temperatures below zero. Upon freezing, thick icicles are convenient for ice climbing.

    Erzincan Folk Songs

    Erzincan folk songs consist of ceremony songs, broken melodies, sad folk songs, episodic folk songs, occupational folk songs, heroic folks songs, light comedy folk songs, folk songs in stories, religious folk songs and unmetered folk songs. 

    Bağlama is a folk instrument widely used in Erzincan. Erzincan is a home city for many poets and has contributed to the country's folk song repertory uttermost.