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  • 10 vibes for Erzincan

    like locals

    Altıntepe Urartu Castle: It is an old settlement hosted Urartu and Byzantine civilizations.

    Mama Hatun Caravansary: It consists of Turkish bath and mausoleum. It is built by Saltukid Princess Mama Hatun in seventh century.

    Kemah Castle: It has been being used since third and second thousand BCE until today. It is one of the Anatolia's oldest and world's rare natural castles.

    Girlevik Waterfall: The water of the waterfall, where hosting daisies in spring and used as a recreation area by locale people, is frozen in winter and provides convenient conditions for ice climbing.

    Ekşisu Hot Spring: The hot spring is 33 degrees centigrade. Hot spring water, being used as a water bath, heals dermal, rheumatic diseases, arteriosclerosis and cardiac diseases.

    Karasu River: It is a natural wonder which rafting lovers should definitely visit.

    Ergan Mountain: Visitors may ski in winter and spend time in nature in summer.

    Stone Road: It is considered as one of the world's most difficult roads. Construction has been completed in 132 years. It has been built bu locale people by carving the rocks of unfordable Dark Canyon with elemental tools.

    Cimin Grape: It has a specific taste. It is coarse grained and sourish. The juice is good for amnesia and lack of motivation.

    Erzincan Copperworks: It is an important traditional workmanship still surviving. It is used in manufacturing trays, baubles, dishes, spoons, sugar bowls, cups, vases etc.