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    Also, the cuisine of Erzincan, one of the oldest culture centers of Anatolia and located on Historical Silk Road, is rich, too. Pastry is the most common foods of Erzincan cuisine.

    Preparing nutritions for winter is a daily routine of locale people. Cracked wheat, gendime (wheat for aşure), tarhana, coarse ground wheat, erişte are some of products prepared for winter. Also, various vegetables and fruits are dried or conserved and consumed four seasons.

    Erzincan tulum cheese, Cimin grapes and Refahiye honey are geographically registered Erzincan products.

    Geographically Registered Products

    Erzincan Tulum Cheese

    Erzincan tulum cheese cheese is produced with very nutrient milks of sheep fed in high mountains and plateau meadows. Tulum cheese is separated from other cheeses with its appearance and specific taste.

    Cimin Grape

    Cimin Grape has a unique taste, is coarse grained and sourish. It is known that this grape's juice is good for amnesia and motivation problems. Cimin Grape, Türkiye's first patented grape, is sold to home market and world after the harvest. 

    Refahiye Honey

    This special honey is produced in Erzincan city centrum and in Refahiye district. Regional plants such as thyme and tragacanth ensure Erzincan Honey to be delicious and of good quality.

    Kesme Soup 

    This highly fulfilling soup is prepared with erişte, minced meat, butter, onion, yogurt and spices. It is seen on almost any tables in Ramadan due to its taste and fulfilling feature. 


    This regional taste is a must for festivals, invitations and special days, and prepared with lamb meat, dry bean, chickpea, wheat and lentil.

    Kemah Tiridi

    Softly worked yeasted dough is cut into strips and mixed with lamb meat, it is a must-taste food.

    Kahküllü (Crested) Rice Dish

    This rice dish differs from other rice recipes due to its green bean ingredient. Kahküllü rice dish is generally prepared with dried green beans, even normal green beans can be used.


    This quite practical dessert is prepared by pouring hot butter on boiled apricots and served by optionally adding walnut, hazelnut, peanut on top. 

    Ayva (Quince) Kalyesi (Roasted, then Boiled Vegetable)

    Ayva Kalyesi originated from Erzincan Kemaliye district is prepared blending meat cubes with quince and various spices. Sour taste lovers would especially like this sourish sweet food.

    Erzincan Delight 

    Erzincan Delight (Erzincan Lokumu), an essential part of teatime is one of the most delicious desserts with its butter scent and stiffness. This dessert is served with caster sugar. You should try with your tea or coffee.

    Kemah Salt 

    Kemah Salt is produced from salt mines opened in Ottoman period in Kömür Village of Kemah district. Kemah Salt is produced about 5 thousand tonnes annually, by resting the salty water that comes from a tunnel about 100 meters deep in up to 150 ponds for days.

    Dövmeç (Lök)

    Lök, leaving a unique taste in mouth, is made of dried mulberry and walnut, and known as Sultan Dessert which was served to sultans at their palaces in past.