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    Karanlık Kanyon (Dark Canyon)

    The canyon is located just at the entrance of Kemaliye county town. Dark Canyon is one of the biggest canyons in the world. 500 meters deep canyon consists of steep gateways with no sun light in Karasu Valley, narrowing up to two meters locally. Between two opposite 480 meters high points of canyon, 450 meters steel lines are placed. Here, adrenaline lovers do breathtaking base jumping.

    Dark Canyon, the highest point for this sport worldwide, draws significant attention of domestic and foreign visitors and hosts many outdoor sports. Around the Dark Canyon is also interesting in terms of its fauna. Here, you can observe many animals such as otters, bobcats, mountain goats. 

    Rock Climbing and Mountaineering

    Erzincan, where mostly being surrounded with mountains, is very convenient for rock climbing and mountaineering those most popular branches of outdoor sports. You may prefer Coşan, Munzur, Ergan and Mülpet summits for hiking and camping. Munzur Mountains' slopes on Erzincan side and especially in Dark Canyon's cliffs are visited for rock climbing. 

    Aygır Lake

    Aygır Lake (Aygır Gölü), one of the crater lakes of Türkiye at highest altitudes, is within Essence Mountain range and 2850 meter high. You may reach the lake ornamented with its natural beauty and valued mountain flora with private vehicles from Çayırlı district in summer season. You can make thread-line fishing, camping, climbing and boat tour in lake, as well as there are natural picnic and recreation areas around.

    Otlukbeli Lake and Red Water

    Lake, six km northwest of Otlukbeli county town, is a travertine dam (consisting of a barrier formed by mineral waters) lake. Lake has a 6500 square meter of survey and about 15-19 mt depth. The most important feature of Otlukbeli Lake (Otlukbeli Gölü) is its basin which is unique worldwide. Due to this feature, the lake is qualified as a natural monument. Red earth and minerals mixed with mineral waters cause the spring waters surfaced through the joints be red colored.

    Dumanlı Plateaus

    Dumanlı Plateaus (Dumanlı Yaylası) is located west of Refahiye district, between Soğukgöze and Karaçam. Plateaus are in 2000 mt. altitude and covered mainly pine forests and meadows. Dumanlı Plateaus, with its natural beauty, fresh air, plenty of cold springs, prey animals and camping opportunities, can be visited both in winter and summer.

    Ekşisu Reeds and Recreation Area

    Then area is 11 km away from centrum and located on old Erzincan-Erzurum highway. It is one of the most popular recreation areas of Erzincan, where includes mineral water springs specific to Ekşisu, large park areas and is preferred by domestic and foreign tourists. The mineral water coming from the fountains and called as "Böğert" is good for various diseases and used for treatment of anemia, liver, stomach, intestine and bile tract diseases.

    Ekşisu Reeds includes 200 different bird species within a protected area called as bird paradise. At the same time, the region, having air flows rarely observed worldwide, hosts paragliding organizations.

    Esence Yedigöller

    Yedigöller, located in Çayırlı district is a part of Keşiş Mountain Range. 3500 meters high Esence Summit near lake is an attractive location for mountaineers. Yedigöller Region has a wonderful view and hosts many domestic and foreign visitors. 

    Çerme Recreation Area

    Çerme, located in Elmaköy Village is a recreation area outstanding with its natural beauties. In Çerme, there are suitable locations for picnic and hiking.

    Erzincan Ergan Mountain Winter Sports and Outdoor Tourism Center

    The center is just 12 minutes away from the airport. 3258 mt. high Ergan Mountain located on piedmont of Munzur Mountain Range is an important ski center with its ski track in about 12 km vertical length. Also, Erzincan, provides opportunities for many activities such as skiing, ski touring, snowboard, snow kite, snow park, snow motorcycle, skid, ice skate, glacier climbing with its unique nature. Ergan Mountain Winter Sports and Outdoor Tourism Area has a two stage of chair lift system.

    Mountain Bike and Trekking

    Primarily around Aygır Lake, mountains and plateaus surrounding most of Erzincan is convenient for trekking. Erzincan geography and climate are very suitable for these sports. These sports are actively done by experienced and trained mountaineers, guides and skiers from Erzincan. Near Yaylabaşı Ardıçlı Lake, trekking and rock climbing can be dona starting from Bayırbağ through the Yedigöller and Aygır Lake route, and while camping around Esence, Yedigöller, Refahiye Dumanlı Forests and Bayırbağ Değirmenönü locations.


    Being essential for off-road enthusiasts with rough morphology, Erzincan holds off-road races with the attendance of motor sport clubs.


    Fırat River (Fırat Nehri), having unstable but enough flow four seasons, is one of the most difficult rafting routes of Europa. The ones looking for the joy of fighting with nature within natural wonders, can do rafting on Sansa Stream on Erzincan-Erzurum Highway and on Karasu passing east of Kemaliye county town.

    Water Ski

    Erzincan has several lakes suitable for water ski. Göyne Dam Reservoir and Tercan Dam Reservoir on Karasu River and Fırat Dam Reservoir on Kemaliye provides dead water environment for amateur and professional athletes. 


    Canoe sport is possible on Fırat River four seasons and on Mercan Stream, Kömür Creek, Tuzla Creek during springs when the flow is high. Still water canoing can be done in Mertekli Regulator, Tercan Dam Reservoir, Erzincan Dam Reservoir and Keban Dam Reservoir. Canyons in Karasu River Valley provides very demanding tracks for canyoning sport.

    Cirit (Javelin)

    Cirit is a traditional sport played with horses in Middle Asia and Anatolia. This game draws a significant attention in Erzincan. Cirit is played with two teams for 90 minutes with two halves. There are seven riders for each team. Erzincan hosts Türkiye Championship of cirit sport. 


    In Erzincan, paragliding is done in Keşiş Mountains Büyük Çakırman Location and Ergan Mountain. Due to suitable geographical conditions and plenty of thermal fluxes, makes Erzincan an important paragliding center. Also, Erzincan has suitable wind conditions for paragliding. Keşiş and Munzur Mountains at 3200-3500 mt altitudes, are suitable locations for high altitude jumps.

    Paragliding Festival and Paragliding World Championship with the attendance of athletes from 19 countries was held in Erzincan in 2013.