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  • 48 hours

    in Erzincan

    First Day

    After starting the day with a regional breakfast in Kemah, visit Melik Gazi Mausoleum and tour Kemah Castle, Anatolia's oldest and one of the rare natural castles of the World to take unique photographs. After visiting Gülabi Bey Mosque and Turkish Bath to buy some regional products (Kemah salt, mulberry, dried apricot, walnut, dövmeç, honey, tulum cheese), go to İliç county to do boat tour and rafting in Aydınlık Canyon. After experiencing the thrill of boat tour and rafting, head to Kemaliye fascinating the visitors with its nature and architecture, have lunch here and tour the famous Mani Road. See Kemaliye Houses having impressive civilian architecture and tour around stone streets.

    After a short break, pass the 8 km Stone Road which is considered as one of the most difficult roads worldwide and completed in 132 by walking or by vehicle. You can finish Stone Road tour with the view of Dark Canyon, among the longest canyons in the world, join a boat tour in Dark Canyon and try adventure sports such as trekking, rafting, canoing, wing suit, base jump, motocross in Kemaliye where is convenient for many outdoor sports.  Finally, you can attend Eğin Sira Nights show during dinner in company with sad, happy and funny Erzincan and Eğin folk songs and return to Erzincan to end the day. 

    Second Day

    You can start the second day with a regional breakfast (village butter, honey, tulum cheese, white cheese, cottage cheese bean salad, village egg, roasted meat, rose hip marmalade, dried apricot, crushed walnut, Erzincan flaky pastry, village bread, kopul (a kind of pita) etc.) in Çermik Recreation Area and go to Üzümlü. Here, you can visit Cimin Vineyards and regional product market (bastık (mulberry pulp sun-dried, a kind of sun-dried mulberry pulp, saruç (walnut pressed between grapes), dövmeç, Cimin grape) then tour Altıntepe Urartu Castle and Ekşisu Recreation Area. You can taste Ekşisu mineral water rich in minerals.

    You can head to Girlevik Waterfall tour and have lunch when just arrived to waterfall, then you can tour the waterfall to take photographs of colorful flora and natural landscapes. If winter, you can do ice climbing on frozen waterfall. You can visit Ergan Mountain Winter Sports Outdoor Tourism Center to breath high altitude mountain air, do winter sports, watch landscapes and take photograph, here, you can do skiing, snowboarding, snow kiting, snow motorcycling, skidding, ice skating, ice climbing. After a gondola tour in Ardıçlı Lake and watching Erzincan view, you can have a tea break and return to centrum. In dinner you can try regional tastes such as kesme soup, ekşili (a kind of cracked wheat soup), gendime soup, Erzincan yaprak döner, dermason dry beans, gendime rice, sarma, kelecoş, kahküllü (crested rice), keşkek, sarığıburma, kasefe, Erzincan kesme kadayıf then you can end Erzincan tour by visiting.